Animus Fault

        Animus Fault is a junior game project that I volunteered on during my sophomore year at DigiPen.  It is a fast paced, sci-fi first person shooter in which the player's goal is to traverse down a central chamber to defeat various enemies to reach and defeat the core. The player has the ability to freely change between two parallel worlds which can expose the weaknesses of their enemies. By taking control of this fantastic and unique power, the player will need to overcome the odds and defeat the core of Animus Fault!


My Role: Enemy/Environment Artist

  - Designed and modeled 2 enemies (one of which was used in the final build)

  - Visualized some areas in the game

  - Cooperated with another artist to model parts of the environment

  - Assisted the team in developing in-game underlying narrative


Wasp Enemy

Final Design for the wasp enemy

Wasp Enemy's Development

Final look (in game)

Rigger/Animator: Jacob Nelson

Other miscellaneous concepts for the project