Trappist Landing

        My senior game project at DigiPen with a team of other artists, game designers, programmers, and sound designers.  Trappist Landing is a first person narrative adventure game.

        Become Sara, an Exobiologist sent on a mission with her crewmate, Mark, to explore an earth-sized planet 39 light years away in the TRAPPIST-1 solar system.  She realizes her life’s work as she investigates an alien world in search of extraterrestrial life.  Upon landing, her mission quickly spirals out of control. She must overcome physical and personal challenges to fulfill her dreams.


My Role: Art Producer, Environment, VFX Artist

  - Supervised the art team’s scope and managed their weekly submissions  

  - Troubleshooted art related issues from art, tech, and design teams

  - Created 80% of the environment to supplement the story of the game such as terrain, rocks, ground covers, trees, etc.

  - Created and used procedural Houdini assets in the game which tremendeously sped up the pipeline

  - Designed and implemented different effects that enrich the mood of the game

  - Prop dressed  and did lighting for most of the the game

        This game has a lot of exploration awaiting for the player.  One of the main highlights is to scan different alien plants on the planet to collect information back to earth.  I was responsible for designing all these plants and give each of them a unique role in this ecosystem.  It was such a rewarding experience working with this talent team.